Friday, January 8, 2010

I'm A Little Embarassed

We have a 9 ft artificial tree.  And you all know, I love to have lots of lights on my tree.  A couple of years ago, I outdid myself with lights, but I had it arranged so that all I had to do was unplug a couple strands here and there and I wouldn't have to remove them from the tree.  So as we were taking the tree down last night (Yes, last night,  I've been a little lazy)  we decided we needed to take the lights off and redo them next year.  They were starting to come off in places and were just looking messy.  I don't think I really realized how many light were actually on the tree.

Yep.  All that came off my tree.  It took us about an hour to get them off and while we were doing it Scott said to me, "This will cure you of the need to put so many on next year."  Nope, probably not.


gr8apey said...

What a good blogger you are!! I haven't got anything to say unless everyone wants to read about basketball...i figure you don't, so i won't. anyhow, i think you didn't really get into christmas because you missed us!!!

Camden McCusker said...

wowowowowowow lot of lights i wish my mom would do that